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Hand Sanitizer spray 4oz

Hand Sanitizer spray 4oz

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Commercial brand hand sanitizers actually weaken the immune system over time by not only killing bad bacteria but also killing healthy bacteria which help our body build immunity to illnesses. 




Our pH balancing(maintaining a healthy ph also fights germs naturally), hydrogen peroxide based sanitizer uses the W.H.O and C.D.C recommended amount (80% by volume) of h2o2 to not only be just as effective as the alcohol based brands but with out drying your hands in the process



Hydrogen Peroxide 

Distilled Water

Lemon essential oil

Spearmint Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil

Vegetable Glycerin 

Coconut oil*

Olive oil*

Sodium hydroxide**



** no trace

Although Our formula contains commonly-accepted 100% natural antiviral/non toxic ingredients,we are is not making any claims for prevention against the Coronavirus.