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pH  Laundry soap *Super Concentrate* 9.7oz

pH Laundry soap *Super Concentrate* 9.7oz

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Our 100% natural ultimate stain fighting laundry soap is formulated to be hard on stains but easy on skin!

Because we don't use any synthetic/caustic chemicals that cause all types of skin irritation, you will not only see an improvement in the life span of your clothes, but also a major improvement your skin!


This product is highly concentrated we recommend you dilute with 1/2 gallon of distilled water(68 ounces) 

Recommended use per regular load is 2oz(1/4cup)

for heavy soiled loads 4oz(1/2 cup)


Distilled water

Hydrogen peroxide 

Coconut oil*

Olive oil*

Essential oils

Sodium carbonate

Sodium bicarbonate 

Citric acid

Sodium hydroxide**


** no trace