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Synergy Gum HealingToothpaste

Synergy Gum HealingToothpaste

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Our fluoride/sls free, Synergy Peppermint Neem Gum healing toothpaste is made with only active ingredients. Every single ingredient has a specific and necessary job to not only heal irritated/inflamed  gums,  but to kill bad breath causing bacteria!

Unlike the commercial brands that are filled with synthetic chemicals that actually cause more damage than they help. our toothpaste is formulated to maintain proper ph levels in your mouth as well as help reminieralize the enamel on your teeth, decrease the bacteria that cause bad breath and tooth decay as well as heal bleeding/receding gumlines.
nearly all of the people that use this product see and feel an immediate difference in their oral health. with powerful healing oils like Neem, black seed, clove  and peppermint essential oil that is proven to help heal everything from hot/cold sensitivities, gingivitis, periodontis disease, bleeding gums a d freshens  breath, if you are looking to replace the commerical brands, Synergy is the tootpaste for you!

A little bit goes a long way, this one container should last a single person using twice a day for atleast 4 months which is a bout 2 months longer than the commercial brands


distilled water

coconut oil

palm stearic acid

Arrowroot powder

vegetable emulsifying wax

guar gum

baking soda

neem oil

Black seed oil

Clove oil

Tea tree oil

peppermint essential oil